Why Do You Need Tyre Insurance?


Buying a new vehicle is expensive.

Firstly, you must factor the cost of the replacement vehicle then the change of insurance and other hidden costs such as transferring number plates and even replacement carpets.

So with so much cost involved already, why should you consider pushing your budget even further and protecting yourself with a form of tyre insurance?

Tyre insurance is an insurance policy which will pay towards the cost of repairing your tyre. If your tyre is not repairable or if your vehicle has been fitted with run flat tyres then your policy will pay to have your tyre replaced.

Replacement tyres are often a cost that many motorists ignore to their peril. Having a tyre puncture or even a tyre blow out is not something that can be budgeted for. Equally, punctures can not be planned. Instead, each time you use your vehicle on the high ways and byways of our road systems you are running the risk that you could have a puncture.

Tyres are not simply a single piece of rubber surrounding your wheel, instead they are an intricate sandwich of natural and synthetic rubber with metal bars and various textiles. In fact, tyre manufacturers invest many millions of pounds on an annual basis into the improvement and our tyres. Not only in terms of road handling but also longevity, noise levels and comfort.

However, no matter how evolved or technically advanced your tyre is, it is ultimately one of the most important yet exposed parts of your vehicle. Being in constant contact with the road, it is permanently susceptible to damage.

The increased spending of tyre manufacturers and technological advances in tyre manufacture unfortunately comes at a monetary cost. This additional cost is translated into increased costs for consumers.

Tyre prices while competitive are increasing year on year and if your vehicle is fitted with run flat tyres the cost will cost on average seventy-five percent more than a standard tyre.

With some vehicles, this could mean that a single replacement tyre could cost over two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. Conversely the average cost for a four tyre insurance policy is still under three hundred pounds.

This means that for you to make a financial gain, you need to only make one tyre insurance claim in a four year period. Any subsequent claims are an added bonus.

Tyre insurance like any other insurance is all about risk. However competent a motorist you are, can you really take the risk that other road users will be as forward thinking? Can you honestly make sure that your local governing body responsible for road repairs will be as diligent?

To summarise, why should you consider tyre insurance? Tyre insurance is a quick and easy way of protecting yourself against addition motoring costs.


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